Today I am Thankful For…

The views from where I lay, healing.


My kids are doing their homework without a ton of convincing.  They know that they need to and I am so thankful that they are old enough to just get to work!


This dog!  Every window he sees me through, he sits next to.  It’s like he is keeping me safe and making sure I am well!


A peaceful room with lots of warm blankets!  It is so very cold outside, and the weather has been crazy!  Last Friday, the day I went into my surgery, the temperature was -6!  Today it is 37 and raining!  It has been so very strange, but I am not complaining!  We are a state that thrives on snowfall and skiing, so keep it coming.

I am feeling a little better, which is also something to be thankful for!  However, today I have a ton of swelling and discomfort.  But even with this discomfort, I realize that I have a wonderful family who is waiting on me so well!  The kids are getting whatever I need and are ordering me to stay in bed!  How nice is that?

I also read this quote today which has put so much in perspective:

“…just for today — DO. NOT. WORRY. “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Matt6:34MSG
Just for today: Be a prayer warrior–not a panicked worrier. You either leave your worries with God . . . or your worries will make you leave God.
Worry is just the facade of taking action — when prayer really is. ” -Ann Voskamp

I have been so tremendously worried that I will not heal properly this week.  I have been having this condition for 4 months, and I am so concerned that the surgery will not fix the problem.  I am ready to get back to “normal”.  But I am seeing that this has been a way for God to show me how to rely on Him.  How if I ask for help from others, they are quick to come to my aid.  That I have wonderful friends who will help put on a Wednesday meal at a moments notice.  I have a friend who brings me Dr. Pepper because she knows I love it!  I have a husband who takes our daughter to Girl Scouts and sits through meetings.  I have readers who wish me the best.  Guess what?  The world still moves when I am not!  I am so very grateful for you all and this longer than expected recovery.  Without it, I would not get to see the tremendous blessings in my life.

Thank you!


A Dog


Our dear little Chewy passed away recently, and our house has been heartbroken.  He was such a good dog, and the first dog to join our family almost 16 years ago.  I remember the day Chewy was born.  It was Easter day at my grandma’s house, and my aunt had a Chihuahua that was tremendously spoiled.  her name was Stinkerbell, and that pretty much fit her.  She went into labor while we enjoyed Easter dinner, and I was truly amazed at how many little puppies fit into a Chihuahua.  I pretty sure there were at least five.  Mr. Bit and I were still dating, and knew by that point that we would be engaged sometime, but a dog was hardly on our radar, especially a Chihuahua.  I was never a small dog fan.

My aunt had other plans however.  Many years before Chewy was born, I helped take care of her after she suffered an aneurism. I went back to Oklahoma and helped the family care for her, and she remembered that.  She really wanted me to have one of the puppies, and so Mr. Bits and I agreed.  I remember when we went to pick him up.  We met the family for my grandma’s birthday to go fishing.  When we went down to the lake, we saw a small puppy with a very large stick in his mouth trying to run.  I thought to myself, “A small dog who thinks he is so big…perfect compromise.”  We quickly fell in love with the little Chihuahua.

Since then, we have been married and added three children to our family, all of which fell in love with him, and whom he loved back.  The house is quiet now, and the kids have been very sad.  We have told stories daily about how funny he was, and how great it was to have an amazing dog.

He is buried under the treehouse in the backyard, and Oldest Bit is planning to use his wood burning kit to burn his name into the tree stump that sits on top of where his is buried.

Funny how such a small dog, made such a huge impact on our family.  He will always be remembered fondly by all who knew him.

Love you Chewy!


The Cat vs. The Boy


This is our cat.  She is an outdoor cat through and through.  I got her 7 years ago when we moved in to our home, and the reason was to mouse.  Our acre is backed up to a big field that has mice, snakes etc. And since those mice like to find their way towards our house, she has had great eating.  She is the perfect cat.  She stays outside, and when anyone is outside she sits next to us. does not really want to be pet, but instead just wants to hang out.  These pictures are during our Easter egg hunt in which she perched her tail on this Burberry bush and left it there for a long time.  At first I thought it was stuck, but it wasn’t, the tail was just plain old comfortable.

She is full of personality, and yesterday, proved that she is scarier than a big dog, and a whole lot tougher.

It was time for my kids to go feed all the animals, and my Oldest Bit decided he would go outside via the garage.  As he opened the door, he noticed Ms. Kitty (that is her name) was in the garage, and bent over to pet her.  As teenagers seem to do, he did not think to let her out of the garage before going in our backyard.  The backyard is where Happy and Ruffo, our two big dogs, live.  These dogs must have sensed a cat presence through the door and were waiting eagerly on the other side.  Oldest Bit and Ms Kitty were not aware of the dogs knowledge, and so Oldest Bit opened to the door to the backyard.  The dogs come tearing in to the garage, and Ms Kitty proceeded to freak out.

In the words of Oldest Bit, “She turned into Godzilla and Bruce Lee and began running through the garage.  The next thing I knew she was running towards me, and I got really scared, so I started running, that is when I ran into the door at full speed!”  And let me tell you it was at full speed, because Oldest Bit does not make a big deal of getting hurt.  Sometimes I am unsure how bad it is, he simply does not want to make a big deal.  He came running through the door, partly crying and part yelling, thankfully no profanity, and exclaimed as I came for him, “Leave me alone!!  I hurt really bad!!!”  Okay, this is different, I thought to myself.  He must really hurt.  As he calmed down and let me look at his side, I noticed a huge bruise had formed on the side of his pelvis bone.  It was big, and it was swollen.  He could not even bend without crying.  I gave him ice and said to let me know if he wants me to take him anywhere.  He immediately said no, he did not want to make a scene.

Fast forward thirty minutes later, he comes to me still in tears and said that maybe a quick trip to urgent care would be good.  So, I took him, knowing that he must hurt if he said he needed to go.  The poor kid had to repeat his experience five times, but through every explanation, he laughed at himself.  He could not believe he ran from cat, especially one named Ms.  Kitty.  Thankfully nothing was broken.  The doctor said that particular bone is extremely hard to break.  But it is a deep tissue bruise and he will just feel like he was in a boxing match for a week or so until it heals.

All the way home he was embarrassed that he went in.  I told him not to be embarrassed at all.  We have all had these kind of moments, and it is better to be cautious.  I told him a few of my embarrassing moments, and he began to feel better that I could trump him in this area. You see I embarrass myself a  lot!  That boy actually agreed with me!  So to console myself and to remind him of his embarrassing moment, I told him that if he were to retell this story, it might be best for him to change the name of the cat.  Running from Godzilla sounds much more terrifying than running from Ms. Kitty.  That’s the kind of mother I am.

The cats name is now Godzilla!

Have a great day everyone!

I May Have Said a Few Bad Words Last Week


Forgive me for the photo that has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I just thought it was funny! , and when looking for a picture appropriate for this post, I could not find one.  So I thought I would put one up that was just plain funny!  We were trying to make her pose with her mouth open as boats came into the bay.  Why?  Because we could, and because we thought it would be funny to make it look as though she was eating the boats.  I don’t know.

Ever have one of those weeks?  Well, last week was not awful, but it could not just go smoothly.  You know the kind of days or weeks, where you cannot pin point what exactly is making you so agitated, but something is.  There is a bunch of little things adding up to a few cuss words that probably should not make you feel better, but somehow always do?  Why do cuss words do that?  I am not an avid user of bad language, but dammit, if sometimes they aren’t just plain appropriate.

Last week started off at the vet’s office.  Two days in a row.  One day was for my small older dog, and the next was for the two big dogs.  I did not want to take all three at once because it is pure insanity.  Unfortunately we received some sad news about our 15 year old Chihuahua.  He is in kidney failure, mixed with a bunch of other things, and we will have to make the decision soon to put him down.  He has been a part of our everyday for 15 years, and it is a difficult decision to make, but we do not want the sweet dog to suffer, so we have to make the decision soon.  It seems as though he is rallying and is up and about these past few days which makes me happy, but I know it is coming.  Needless to say, we are letting him live it up, giving him all the cheese he wants, he lays on a heating pad to keep him warm and when he gets up, we pet him constantly.  He is treated like royalty.

The next day at the vet was an adventure.  Two big dogs, one fifty pounds and the other 90. Happy, the smaller of the two was the most neurotic animal, having to be picked up to have anything done.  Ruffo, is terrified of the scale at the vets.  It takes three of us to push and pull him all the way to the scale that is part of the floor.  He even curled himself around a door frame to avoid being placed on it.  We had to peel him from the frame, drag him to the scale where he stood with all fours barely on the scale.  We then had to walk all the way to the other side of the office just to put him in a room, because he would not go to the room close to the scale.  Once in the room, he proceeded to lift his leg and pee all over the side of the counter as if to payback for the scale torture he had to endure.  We made it out safely.

On Tuesday, winter finally decided to happen.  We had wind gusts up to 55 mph, and a steady wind at 30 mph all day long.  The day started in the 70’s and at 2pm began to snow and it snowed for two days.  But the damage from the wind!  Oh my goodness, our garden fence blew down, my green house fell apart and our basketball hoop had blown across our driveway and fell over into the grass.  Which was actually nice because I left it there for a few days.  It was out of the way!

Finally, my little girl broke my computer, which explains my silence this past week.  Thankfully it was not a huge or expensive fix, but when all of a your children’s education is done on computers, it tends to through a wrench in the plans.  She has actually been having a very difficult time lately.  If you are not familiar with our adoption story, it has not been the easiest.  It seems as though we are experiencing a little bit of a relapse with PTSD, stealing, anger etc.  Keep her in your thought and prayers.

Well, we made it through the week, which as you can see was not awful, just crazy.  It is over, and a new one is beginning.  I will admit, I am happy to begin again.

Hope you are all having a happy Monday!



Chewy, My Dog


This is Chewy, our dog of almost 15 years.  He is so old, and his body is beginning to show it.  He has no teeth, so his tongue hangs out of his mouth all day.  I hate to say it, but this brings me so much joy.  It is so cute when he is sleeping.  And his sleeping usually occurs in the sun.  He follows the sun all day long because he is so cold.  You would be to if you were only 4 pounds.  On this day, he just happened to be on the stairs where the sun was shining so brightly.  I had my phone, so I thought I would snap a picture of him sleeping with his tongue hanging out.  He is never still enough for me to snap a picture.

As I was taking the pictures, he looked up and now I have the perfect picture of him with his tongue out.  Oh it makes me smile. I never thought I would like Chihuahua’s, but I sure do like this dog.  It will be a lonely house without him someday.

Have a great day everyone!



Feeling so Very Tired


These past two weeks have been exhausting!  I find myself feeling zombie like this morning.  There is so much I want to share with you all, but my mind is not allowing it this morning.  I will join you tomorrow, hopefully fresh and inspired.  I have been nominated for the Liebster award, which is a blog award, and I am so very honored.  I will have the post ready for you tomorrow!  For now, enjoy a picture of my dog which reflects how I am feeling!

Have a great day everyone!





Have you seen those Chick-fil-a commercials where the cows look at people and try to make them feel guilty?  I had a similar experience at the family reunion in Michigan.  We parked next to these cows and every time I had to go get something from my car, they would come to the fence and stare at me.

I think they wanted food.  But I still felt obligated to assure them that we were having pork for dinner, so they were safe.  Hopefully they felt better after my talk with them.

Have a great day everyone!



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