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This Christmas break has been one of the best we have ever had.  Truly!  There were no expectations, no hurrying to get somewhere, Mr. Bits had almost two whole weeks off and we were all together!  The days were full of sitting or doing whatever came to mind.  I think we have all been dreading the reality of today, but it was nice to get back into a groove.  The kids started school today, and it actually went smoothly.  No arguing about starting a routine.  I think they secretly were excited to get back to a normal routine.  I actually started cleaning my house and putting the decorations away.  I am not putting all of them away since we celebrate through Epiphany, but I did want to get started.  My urge to have a clean house was just too overwhelming.  The tree will stay up through the weekend though.  Part of my urge was due to the fact I have a small surgery on Friday.  Nothing too huge to worry about, but I will be down at most a week, hopefully not even that long but we shall see.  I want to make sure the house is in order so that no one has to worry about anything.  Of course it includes the schedule for Mr. Bits to keep up with, and I know he will do great, but I think us mothers worry sometimes!  It’s just that we know the schedule so well!

Thought a great deal about my new mantra today.  How have I given of myself this day?  I realized that on a daily basis we give so much of ourselves that we forget to really see it.  Making sure to devote my attention to the kids when they are wanting to show me something.  It sounds small, but it is so tremendously huge!  I cannot forget to do this and truly be in the moment or I will miss out on so very much!  A small thing given of myself this day.  The dinner put on the table, the toilet that was cleaned, the homework that was helped with.  All of this may not seem like much, but it is my way of giving and I am thankful for the opportunity.  I also thought about how giving of myself means that I must take care of myself, and so here I sit in a quiet space journaling about the day.  Therapy for my soul, and peace that is needed.  This moment of remembering to savor and be grateful for the gifts that were given to me this day.  What a journey!

Peace to you all this night, and thank you for reading!

Here’s to Snow!

Considering we had one snow storm last year, and this state relies on skiing, I think we are doing pretty good!

Regardless of how much shoveling we have done, I am pretty darn happy to see the area covered in white.  Especially around this time of year.  Ask me if I still like it in March and I will have a different response!

Stay safe and have a wonderful day everyone!



The Everyday

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We have been keeping busy lately.  School of course is the number one priority, and we have had plenty of that.  But sports seem to be taking up a whole lot of time as well.  We are well under way in basketball season, and with two kids participating, we have four out of five nights of practice.  Good thing gas has gotten cheaper!

With all of the craziness of schedules, we have made sure to go on a few field trips.  The Spiral Jetty, being one of them.  It is a wild land up there, so the kids built a fort that I am pretty sure we may never find again.  Or it could go untouched for years, it is that stark.  But the starkness is what makes it surprisingly beautiful up there.  We have also gone to the Natural History museum.  That was a cool day.  A tour guide “adopted” us and told us all sorts of interesting things.  We have been there many times, but have never learned as much as we did that day.  I am trying to get us all out of the house as much as possible.  Staying inside the house all day can get a little ho hum.

Our life is not exciting, but it is full.  Time together, living, loving and learning.  I am so grateful.  Simply grateful.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and Happy Hump Day!



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