Look What She Made


This girl has been talking my ear off today!  Today she read 4 books that were full of information, and believe me, I have heard so much about random things!  Like how a python can get so big that it can eat a crocodile!  Ummm…Wow!

But the best part of her day was making these cool Lego creations!  She is so very proud of them, and I am very proud of her.  She had a great day and is riding high!

Love you Little Bit!

Adventure in Arizona

First I would like to say Phoenix is hot!!!!!! Second I would like to say, I was tremendously thankful for the hotel having a pool!!!!!! With that being said, we did have a great time in Phoenix. It was fun having absolutely no responsibilities for a while.

Middle Bit was born in this great city, so he had fun seeing the old house we lived in, hospital he was born in and the church he was baptized in. We took him to the church he was baptized at, and one of the priests is still there almost 13 years later! I have a picture of her holding him as a baby, and now of them standing next to each other 13 years later. Time does fly!

Other highlights were visiting Tombstone and Bisbee. If I had the chance to live in Bisbee, I would. The town is so eclectic and much cooler in temperature. Love it!

We had a great time, but like all good things, we had to come back home. We were all grateful for the time away and time spent together!

What were some of the trips you have been on this summer?




Our old basketball hoop was a hunk of junk. It was not a permanent basketball hoop, which honestly caused a great deal of problems. It was constantly blowing over in the wind, which meant the hoop itself was an unusual shape. It was not round, but instead oval, and even rectangular. One day, we finally took it apart, but this left the kids without a net. For our oldest child, that is a big deal. He love basketball! So we began looking for a good deal on a permanent goal. The price for these is unreal!! 800 to a 1, 000 dollars. Something we could not afford! Some friends of ours had taken an old basketball goal down at their house. Their boys, are young, and they decided to remove it. The goal was totally old school playground. The long white pole, with a simple white board and rim. They offered it for free, and so we jumped on it. We had the pole powder coated black, we sanded the board and repainted it a nice bright white and repainted the orange square on the backboard.  All it needed after that was a new net, and it started to look brand new! It was a great project for the three boys to work on together, and cement into the ground. Now we have a basketball hoop installed permanently into the ground, and in the end it only ended up costing us $200!

There have been many games of horse and pig played on it since returning home from Phoenix. Nothing like a summer evening playing basketball!

Hope your summers are going well!



Cardboard Armor


It never ceases to amaze me what my kids can do with cardboard.  They have made so many things.  Dioramas, houses, cars etc.  Recently, Little Bit went to a girl scout camp that was centered around Mine Craft.  All arts and crafts had something to do with this game.  My children have not been allowed to play this game for quite some time, not because the game is bad, but because I caught them looking up how to videos for the game that were not children friendly.  They did not even ask to look them up.  So, we told them no more game, and for some reason, simply forgot about it.  All of us, including the children lost the desire for the game.  Until recently with the Girl Scout Camp.

DSC_0036 (3)

Our answer is still no, but they decided to play the game on their own, making the armor.  Oh my goodness, their imaginations are better than the game!  Middle and Little Bit made their armors, and have taken great care of them.  Every day they come out and lay with it for a while, outside with the dogs.  Somehow, the dogs have become part of their game as well.


I cannot help but think that this way may be better than the game.  They are playing, using their imaginations, and having a great time.  If the game was being played, they would be sitting in the house, and frankly missing out on summer.  I also am so happy to see Middle Bit, who is getting older, still wanting to play.  This truly makes my heart sing.

DSC_0034 (3)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and using your imaginations!



Mother Daughter Time

Recently, Little Bit and I had the opportunity to spend a weekend by ourselves.  It just so happened that all the boys were at a Boy Scout Jamboree, and Little Bit had a Girl Scout carnival to attend.  I decided to use several gift cards that I had received over the past year.  Gift cards that I would  not do on my own, but with a little girl by my side, would be perfect.


The weekend started with an afternoon appointment to get a manicure and a pedicure.  The pedicure was hilarious because Little Bit is extremely ticklish, and would not stop laughing the entire time.  I think the specialist was slightly annoyed, as he decided just to paint her toe nails.  She was done in ten minutes, and sat there in the massage chair to wait for me.  It was pretty funny to watch her in the chair.  She has never sat in one before, so the giggling continued until she was silent.  She became so relaxed that I think sleep was on its way.


The next day was spent at the Girl Scout carnival.  We had a great time together and her friends.  She loves the Girl Scouts, and even though they may not be as outdoors as I would like, there are a ton of crafts, which is right up her alley!  The day was long, but so much fun.


Finally we went to a local painting pottery store.  We spent four hours painting our matching plates!!!  Four Hours!!! It was so worth it.  We relaxed and talked about so many things.

That weekend was so wonderful and just what we needed to continue our bonding.  Things have been rough for her lately, but when we have times together, I think it helps her recover from the tough parts a little quicker.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!




A Broken Foot to Start the Summer

Middle Bit always keeps us on our toes.  He is my kid who will get hurt, who will jump off a tree, who will climb the tree to jump off of.  He will do what most people think through first, but does it before thing and then says to himself, “I should have thought that through.”  He learns things the hard way.  But he lives his life to the fullest, and always has a good story to tell. In his adult years, he should write a book.

We have avoided broken bones in this house even with what I consider an obscene  amount of visits to the ER.  I am sure they have often wondered what goes on in our home to warrant so many stitches.  I thought that maybe we could make it through the kid years without a broken bone, but I was wrong.  Middle Bit broke his foot in five places.  Three bones, five places!!!  When he does something, he does it well.

Here is the story that we have been told.  I have a feeling I will find out more when he is in his twenties.

We were over at our friends house for Sunday dinner.  We switch houses every week to enjoy a great Sunday meal.  When one does not have family around, you make family with others who miss the same traditions.  It happened to be their turn to host, and all the kids were playing outside.  The grown ups were inside, enjoying a few beers together, when Middle Bit comes limping in. He wasn’t crying, but I could definitely tell he was in a great deal of pain.  I took one look, and knew it was broken.  My husband down played it and placed him on the couch, elevated his foot and put some ice on it.  We sat there for about thirty minutes, when my friend and I decided to try to stand Middle Bit up.  Immediately, his face went pail, and that is when we knew that an ER visit was our destiny.

We kept asking Middle Bit what happened, hoping we missed part of the story, and hoping more would come out.  But nothing ever has.  This is what he claims happened.  He was playing soccer and his foot was on the ball.  Someone kicked the ball, and he said that his foot was not kicked in any way, but somehow from the ball being kicked, his foot was broken in five places.  All the kids stood there dutifully shaking their heads in agreement, but not saying a word.  Hmmm….


I have never witnessed the changing of the cast, and it was fascinating.  It was also quite nerve racking.  I prayed that the doc would keep his steady hand!


During his broken leg, Middle Bit got to experience friendship.  So many of the cutest kids came by and gave him cards, or rescheduled get together so he could join.  It was so sweet!  A good friend stopped by with her young kids, who bought him all yellow items, because he needed a little sunshine.  They included these puzzles, which Middle Bit totally enjoyed.  Thank you to all who took the time to check on him.  It truly made the broken foot more bearable!


I look forward to hearing the complete story someday!

Have a great day everyone!



MMA-Mixed Martial Arts Photo Collage

My kids are in a mixed martial arts class, and they love it!  For a long time, it was a struggle to get them to go.  My oldest son started classes when he was in the first grade, and it was so painful!  He would fight every time it was class, but I did not want him to give up.  I knew that in the long run, it would pay off.  Besides if I had my kids quit every thing they fight over, then they would never find out if they truly like it.

Middle Bit joined in, and when he started to progress faster than his older brother, my oldest son quickly found his interest!  A little competition never hurt anyone!

After my youngest was with us a few years, we had her join, and she has progressed nicely!  It has taught them all respect, control and most importantly how to protect themselves if they were in a rough situation.

They had the opportunity recently to show off their skills.  What I enjoy about MMA, is that there are not matches that we have to attend.  They can get serious if they want, but this class is mainly to build confidence.  However, this day was an opportunity to promote their do-jo so, they had the experience of getting to show off their skills.

The sad part is Middle Bit could not participate in the event due to his broken foot.  That is a whole other story!  But the other kids had a great time.  In the last larger photo, my oldest is sparring against one of his best friends.  We absolutely love this kid!  I consider him my fourth child, so I can put him in these pictures!  However, I have no idea who some of the other people are, so oops!  My favorite pictures are those of Little Bit with her staff because there is some random mascot watching.  He is the mascot of Real Salt Lake, the professional soccer league here.  I really do not know what he was doing at this event, but the pics are hilarious!

Hope you all are having a great summer!




Sometimes, all you Need is a Cookie


Times have been rough with Little Bit.  For the past two months, her fighting has gotten progressively worse, and Mr. Bits and I have been beside ourselves trying to figure out how we can help her.  The therapist she had in December, just wasn’t a good fit.  Not a whole lot of guidance on how to control her anger.  We start a new therapist today, and there is much anticipation about how this one may help.

Last week, her anger got the better of her and what was supposed to be a mother daughter day on Saturday, turned into just me going.  It was our annual ladies tea at church, and she flat out chose to fight rather than go.  I made a huge cookie tart for the event, one of her favorites, and sadly took it to the event without having my daughter with me.

The next day at our coffee hour, we had a ton of leftovers from the event, including a little more of the cookie.  There was one more piece, and I knew she was eyeing it.  I looked at her and said, go and take it.  The smile on her face spoke a thousand words, including, “I am still a little girl.”

Sometimes, I need those reminders, that she is a little girl that does not know how to be little.  It takes a cookie to remind us all sometimes of what truly matters.

Love to you all and please have a cookie today!


Sunday Storytelling-Balancing it All


This year has been a little crazy so far. A big reason for craziness is that  Mr. Bits has been travelling a great deal, which means I am flying solo more than normal.  I am married to a man who travels a great deal, but the last two years, his travel schedule had calmed down and I got used to having him around more.  To be back into the full travel swing of things has been quite the adjustment for sure, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

I remember when the kids were younger, and I would say, “I cannot wait till they are older and do not have to have me with them all the time!  This baby/toddler phase is so difficult!”  I look back at that phase now, and I say, “Oh my, I had it so easy when they were in car seats, or took naps, or could play Thomas the Train and be occupied for hours.”  The tough stage is always the one your in.  Now it is three different kids, with three very different schedules.  Trying to get them to their practices on time, picking them up before they are the last kid there and the coach glares at me!  Teaching them, and making sure that their assignments are turned in.  Going to co-op and making sure they are keeping up with those classes as well.  Music practice, doctors appointments, weekend games, boys scouts, girl scouts, the list goes on and on.  And that myth about homeschooled kids not having socialization?  Not true in this family.

There is also the issue of my own desires and interests changing and evolving.  How do I balance the desire to grow a business, yet bus my kids around all day?  Where do I fit in the time to study my classes I am taking and write the 10 page paper that is looming over my head.  How do I make the food for the community kitchen I have started (another story), how do I keep my identity instead of losing it in all the activities of the kids?

The answer?  I do not really have one.  Except somehow, it all gets done.  Some how I am treading water, and there are days that my head dips underneath and I struggle to take a breath.  There are some days that I tread effortlessly, and think to myself how easy it all is.

I do remind myself though of the overwhelmed feeling I had with the kids when they were younger, and how the stage they are in now will quickly disappear.  I must remind myself that these three different kids, with their three different interests will leave this house one day, and I will long desperately for the days of bussing them around.  I will long desperately for the days of laughing in the car together, watching baseball games, hearing them practice, reading books.

Which matters most?  My feelings of wanting to get it all done or making sure my kids know they are valued?  Savor the stage of life I am in or rush through just getting to the next event?

I have no time to question all the things I have done wrong, but I can look at today and savor every little bit of time with them I have.  Helping each child grow into the independent wonderful person they are meant to become.

I get to be a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a student, a servant, and a teacher this day.  Will I do all of these well?  I do not know, but I do know I am loved by a God who gives me the strength I need to make it through.

Thanks be to God.



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