I am A Christian

I am a Christian.  I believe in Jesus Christ.  I try to follow the example that he led of radical hospitality.  I do not always get it right, but that is what we are called to do as Christians:  love our neighbors as ourselves.  I am deeply saddened by what is happening in our great country.  I am saddened by the divisiveness that is happening.  I am saddened that I am lumped into the fundamental Christian right just because I say I am a Christian.  I am saddened that Muslims are being banned because of their religion.  I am saddened by  the obnoxious way people are name calling on all sides.

Let me get this out there:

We are all made in the image of God.  Christian, Jew, Muslim, refugee, unborn child, politicians, gay, straight, transgender.  If we are pro  life, we should be pro refugee!  If we are name calling, on both sides, we should remember that the best thing we can do is stand together, not name call to cut down.  I have never known anyone to change their mind because they were called a name!  In fact, that makes them fight more!

I am a mother of two children born from me, and one born of my heart.  She is from China, and looks different from the rest of the family.  She is my daughter, whom I love as if she were born from me, and I am scared for her.  We do get looks everywhere we go.  We do get asked where she is from, and I have witnessed people say shameful things when they think I am not listening.  This will only make me grip her hand even stronger and stand with all those who are afraid.  Only when we stand together peacefully, without name calling will this country make a positive change.   Get out there and do something.  Go and meet the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus,  refugees, Christians in your area.  Break bread together.  Talk!!!!!  Face to face.

If you happen to be in the Ogden Utah Area, please come to my free community meal on Wednesdays where we have the opportunity to break down barriers and get to know one another.  If you want more information, please go to our Face Book Page: