Today I am Thankful For…

The views from where I lay, healing.


My kids are doing their homework without a ton of convincing.  They know that they need to and I am so thankful that they are old enough to just get to work!


This dog!  Every window he sees me through, he sits next to.  It’s like he is keeping me safe and making sure I am well!


A peaceful room with lots of warm blankets!  It is so very cold outside, and the weather has been crazy!  Last Friday, the day I went into my surgery, the temperature was -6!  Today it is 37 and raining!  It has been so very strange, but I am not complaining!  We are a state that thrives on snowfall and skiing, so keep it coming.

I am feeling a little better, which is also something to be thankful for!  However, today I have a ton of swelling and discomfort.  But even with this discomfort, I realize that I have a wonderful family who is waiting on me so well!  The kids are getting whatever I need and are ordering me to stay in bed!  How nice is that?

I also read this quote today which has put so much in perspective:

“…just for today — DO. NOT. WORRY. “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Matt6:34MSG
Just for today: Be a prayer warrior–not a panicked worrier. You either leave your worries with God . . . or your worries will make you leave God.
Worry is just the facade of taking action — when prayer really is. ” -Ann Voskamp

I have been so tremendously worried that I will not heal properly this week.  I have been having this condition for 4 months, and I am so concerned that the surgery will not fix the problem.  I am ready to get back to “normal”.  But I am seeing that this has been a way for God to show me how to rely on Him.  How if I ask for help from others, they are quick to come to my aid.  That I have wonderful friends who will help put on a Wednesday meal at a moments notice.  I have a friend who brings me Dr. Pepper because she knows I love it!  I have a husband who takes our daughter to Girl Scouts and sits through meetings.  I have readers who wish me the best.  Guess what?  The world still moves when I am not!  I am so very grateful for you all and this longer than expected recovery.  Without it, I would not get to see the tremendous blessings in my life.

Thank you!




The weather has been so beautiful and warm here for most of fall, but we have had some interesting days.  A couple of weeks ago, it was really rainy and chilly, and when the skies cleared, there was actually a dusting of snow on the mountains.  I know that seems a little early, but considering the dry year we had in 2014, it was a welcome sight.  But as quickly as the snow came, it left and reached almost 90 degrees!


A couple of weeks before the snow, we went to the amphitheater in our historic town to see my sons banjo teacher play in his band.  It is a bluegrass band, and against the backdrop of the mountains and our quaint town, it was so pleasant and lovely, that I could not resist taking my phone out and snapping a couple of pictures of the clouds with the setting sun shining on them.  So beautiful, and we were so lucky to see a rainbow appear.  The scene was made even more beautiful when the band started playing “Matthew”  by John Denver.  Go and listen to it, and you will love it!  Reminds me of home, Oklahoma though, not Kansas.

These past few days have been filled with clouds and spits of rain, giving us hope in the west of a wetter winter.

How has the weather been in your neck of the woods?

Love to you all,


The Beauty of Blue and White




While we were visiting my husband’s family, a huge snow storm passed by.  We knew it was going to be a long drive home.  We were basically driving the direction from which the storm came.  The forecast said it would be snowy the whole drive.  Well, the forecast was wrong.  I was able to snap these pictures from the car, while driving.  We have to cross through a barren desert before we see mountains, so this is where desert meets the majesty of cliffs.

Absolutely the cleanest most beautiful sight.  The contrast of the white snow and the blue sky were amazing.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  I cannot believe February is almost over!



This Morning

Yesterday it was 70 degrees.  Today, the snow is falling, and not gently.  The snow is coming down sideways, and I cn barely see my neighbor’s home!

But, I must admit, the sight is beautiful.  There is something about snowfall that is magical.

Have a great day everyone!



Park, Pumpkins and Pouting-Our Day in Three Words

We could feel it coming on all day.  We were trying to power through and be in denial.

We went to the park and had fun in the warm sunshine.

We went to a local farm stand and picked up pumpkins for our front porch.

We came home to do school, and the pouting came on.  We were all pouting.  It took us until 9pm to get our school work done, but we did it. (There are no pictures of our pouting!)

Even while we were suffering more and more from this cold.

Three words:Park, Pumpkins, Pouting.

But we powered through, and this morning we are all sneezing, coughing and red-nosed.  But we will power through again.

Here is wishing you good health.



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