April 29, 2016

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When Did This Happen?


Today, Oldest Bit is 14!!!!!!!

It truly seems like yesterday.  I am so glad you came to this family 14 years ago today.  Our lives would have been so boring without you.  You are an amazing kid, smart, funny , loving.

Forgive me for making this short, but I feel the tears coming on!

Love you forever!


April 26, 2016

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Sometimes, all you Need is a Cookie


Times have been rough with Little Bit.  For the past two months, her fighting has gotten progressively worse, and Mr. Bits and I have been beside ourselves trying to figure out how we can help her.  The therapist she had in December, just wasn’t a good fit.  Not a whole lot of guidance on how to control her anger.  We start a new therapist today, and there is much anticipation about how this one may help.

Last week, her anger got the better of her and what was supposed to be a mother daughter day on Saturday, turned into just me going.  It was our annual ladies tea at church, and she flat out chose to fight rather than go.  I made a huge cookie tart for the event, one of her favorites, and sadly took it to the event without having my daughter with me.

The next day at our coffee hour, we had a ton of leftovers from the event, including a little more of the cookie.  There was one more piece, and I knew she was eyeing it.  I looked at her and said, go and take it.  The smile on her face spoke a thousand words, including, “I am still a little girl.”

Sometimes, I need those reminders, that she is a little girl that does not know how to be little.  It takes a cookie to remind us all sometimes of what truly matters.

Love to you all and please have a cookie today!


April 25, 2016

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School Update

So it has been a while since I have given an update on how school is going for all the kids.  I truly cannot believe that the school year is winding down.  Another thing I cannot believe is that Oldest Bit is turning 14 on Friday!  Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!  It seems like yesterday that I held him for the first time and next school year he is in high school?!


DSC_0006 (3)

Here he is, Mr. Fourteen year old!  He is super excited about entering high school next year.  He absolutely loves the online school that he has been attending, and has made a name for himself because of his maturity.  One of his eighth grade teachers contacted the high school science teacher and requested that he attend  the dissections happening at the main office.  So my eighth grader hung out with the high school biology class, and was commended for being the most mature one present!    I am super proud of him!


Middle Bit is growing up so much!  He has struggled with dyslexia, but this year, I have really noticed how much he is improving on spelling and reading.  We have enjoyed getting books on cd and listening to them while he follows along, and I think this helps him tremendously.  He participated in the state science fair and scored an excellent in his division.  I am proud of how much he has grown up this year!  Great kid!


Little Bit still struggles with fighting about school, but she is really starting to realize the importance of remembering what was learned and applying it to the next day.  Some weeks are better than others, but even with her fights, she is making almost straight A’s.  I cannot believe that she will be in the fifth grade already!  She is a smart cookie!


That gives you a little update on our school.  Summer is  on its way, and so is a break!

Hope your school days are going well!



April 24, 2016

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Sunday Storytelling-Balancing it All


This year has been a little crazy so far. A big reason for craziness is that  Mr. Bits has been travelling a great deal, which means I am flying solo more than normal.  I am married to a man who travels a great deal, but the last two years, his travel schedule had calmed down and I got used to having him around more.  To be back into the full travel swing of things has been quite the adjustment for sure, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

I remember when the kids were younger, and I would say, “I cannot wait till they are older and do not have to have me with them all the time!  This baby/toddler phase is so difficult!”  I look back at that phase now, and I say, “Oh my, I had it so easy when they were in car seats, or took naps, or could play Thomas the Train and be occupied for hours.”  The tough stage is always the one your in.  Now it is three different kids, with three very different schedules.  Trying to get them to their practices on time, picking them up before they are the last kid there and the coach glares at me!  Teaching them, and making sure that their assignments are turned in.  Going to co-op and making sure they are keeping up with those classes as well.  Music practice, doctors appointments, weekend games, boys scouts, girl scouts, the list goes on and on.  And that myth about homeschooled kids not having socialization?  Not true in this family.

There is also the issue of my own desires and interests changing and evolving.  How do I balance the desire to grow a business, yet bus my kids around all day?  Where do I fit in the time to study my classes I am taking and write the 10 page paper that is looming over my head.  How do I make the food for the community kitchen I have started (another story), how do I keep my identity instead of losing it in all the activities of the kids?

The answer?  I do not really have one.  Except somehow, it all gets done.  Some how I am treading water, and there are days that my head dips underneath and I struggle to take a breath.  There are some days that I tread effortlessly, and think to myself how easy it all is.

I do remind myself though of the overwhelmed feeling I had with the kids when they were younger, and how the stage they are in now will quickly disappear.  I must remind myself that these three different kids, with their three different interests will leave this house one day, and I will long desperately for the days of bussing them around.  I will long desperately for the days of laughing in the car together, watching baseball games, hearing them practice, reading books.

Which matters most?  My feelings of wanting to get it all done or making sure my kids know they are valued?  Savor the stage of life I am in or rush through just getting to the next event?

I have no time to question all the things I have done wrong, but I can look at today and savor every little bit of time with them I have.  Helping each child grow into the independent wonderful person they are meant to become.

I get to be a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a student, a servant, and a teacher this day.  Will I do all of these well?  I do not know, but I do know I am loved by a God who gives me the strength I need to make it through.

Thanks be to God.



March 22, 2016

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Pray for our world today.  For those who are hurting, mourning and striving for peace.  Pray for your enemies and those who are promoting hate and violence.

Love all regardless of beliefs, religion or politics.

It is time to come together and unite.





March 21, 2016

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Sunday Storytelling-A Critter in the Car


So last week I showed you pictures of my 40th birthday at Bryce Canyon.  It was a great weekend filled with fun and family.  It was also filled with a critter adventure with telling.

It all began on the Sunday of the trip.  We woke up, piled in the car and drove to the national park.  On the way there, a burning odor was coming through the vents.  We really did not pay too much attention, as we just thought that maybe the heater was on a little high.  Towards the end of the day, we could not ignore the smell any longer, and decided to check under the hood.  My husband opened the hood, and underneath lay a forest of tree branches and leaves.  He just started to take out all the piles, and we realized that a critter had made its home on our warm engine the night before.

The next day, Monday we headed began our trek home.  We decided to take the long way back, which is the scenic route through the Grand Staircase.  If you ever come to Utah, you must come to this area, it is absolutely beautiful.  this scenic route added an extra 3 hours to the trip but it was worth it sense the family we were travelling with is from Texas and had never seen it. This area is known for its winding, bumpy roads. So before we headed off, my husband checks under the hood again, and low and behold, there was a new nest in the car.  We cleaned it out and off we went.

We made it home later on in the evening, and let our dogs in the garage.  While in there, the dogs would not take their eyes off the car, and we just brushed it off as it still smells like a critter.  Next day, the dogs would not go outside and we had to drag them out of the garage, and we began to wonder if the critter had come back with us.

Two days later, we had forgotten all about it and had to be at church late in the evening.  My daughter and I were headed out to the car, and as I approached I saw a bushy tailed critter on my tire.  When it saw us, it ran under the car and disappeared.  My daughter and I did not know if we should get in the car, and actually had a running start to jump in so the critter would not attack our legs.  The whole way home we laughed at the thought of bringing the critter all the way from Bryce Canyon with us.  Seven hours that thing hung on for dear life!

That night we left the hood open and the car in the driveway, but it still lived there for another day, until I got my car washed!!

So we brought back more than just memories from Bryce Canyon!

Hope you are all creating stories of your own!



March 17, 2016

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Our youngest turned ten in February, several days after I turned forty.  We of course celebrated together when we went to Bryce Canyon, but we also helped her celebrate on her actual birthday.

I am so proud of this little girl.  She has not had an easy time in her short ten years and she continues to struggle.  But when she smiles, the whole world lights up.  She is funny, smart and stubborn. All amazing qualities that bring excitement to our family.

As she turns this corner to the double digits, I am curious to see how the next ten years go.  She has come so far, but struggles so much to see her life as safe and loving.  My prayer for her is to find peace in who she is.  She is a girl who is loved, she is smart, she is caring of others, she is our daughter forever.

Oh, and she absolutely loves clothes!

We love you!



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